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WUMM – D-light (Incl. Tom De Neef Remix) [SoulHeat]
Belgian turf is back with another exclusive promo

exploring again the deeper side of their musical protofiolo. Earlier on the label, French duo WUMM released My Roots Of House, showing just how competent they were on the deep scene, Heavy beats and deepy melodies produce the perfect combination that will have the public piling into their d’load stores in droves ! Defected’s Tom De Neef delivers a remix re-edited with huge crossover appeal and supported by non other than KARIZMA ! Groundbreaking beats for your dj boxes !


nice mixes bro nuff support… BOOKER T

lovely – tom’s mix and the original work best for me! David Dunne

Very tasty deep house music, TDN jam is very hot / Montana & Stewart

tom de neef mix is probably my pick here .. could use this at the end of a set or mix ANDREW CHIBALE (Salted)

EC33 mix for me. Alex Dimitri (bbe/salted)

This is much much deeper than the recent Soulheat releases and as I was listening to the samples I was imagining which mixes I could use in my upcoming mix sessions. It’s always difficult making a snap judgement from the samples but the dub might just be the one. – Dean Serafini

Tom De Neef mix for me ANTONY ANGELL (Stereosushi)

This is great, LOVE the Tom De Neef Deepah Mix!! Gorgeously deep beats and sounds. Big support! CORINNE HOULIHAN

Like the Original bro NIALL REDMOND

Nice package. Will support it. HOT HANDS

A little bit deeper , but really a nice sound ….full support / Delafino ( Fg dj Radio )

Loving the Tom De Neff remix. Neil Duffie

liked the ec33 mix best – cool drums ! Greg Fenton (m8 Mag)

I best like the original and the warm sunny feeling I’m getting from the C33 Remix.
Great job again. – DAVID GEE

Produced and mixed by Christian Esteves-Vall?e & Louis Rouffineau.

© 2011 SoulHeat Records Belgium. All rights reserved

Label Manager/Licensing :
A&R : –

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