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Various Artists – Years In The Making Part 2 [Disclosure Project Recordings]

Ballet Mechanique – Kiss My Groove
Chris Minus – The Magic Hour
Daniel Ray – Unveiled Secrets
De Giraffe feat Marta Carillon – Pray Of Doll (Daniel Kyo Remix)
The Disclosure Project – Lifes Short (Latenta Project Another Dimension Mix)
El Farouki – Ambre Dore (Jp Phillippe Remix)
Marvin Zeyss – Watch Me Falling Down
Masahiro Mihara – Aqua (Chris Minus Remix)
Masahiro Mihara – Beforesunset (Ross Couch Remix)
Masahiro Mihara – Lotus Position (The Disclosure Project Remix)
Microstar – Flat Groove
The Disclosure Project – 2 Deep
The Disclosure Project – Excursions (Frankman Remix)
The Disclosure Project – Life Juice
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