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Various Artists – Vibe Bar – Delicious & Soulful House Tunes [Tenor Recordings]

Various Artists - Vibe Bar - Delicious & Soulful House Tunes [Tenor Recordings]

Beats 4 Life – Where Did All the Love Go (Soul Avenue’s Free Falling Mix) [Feat. Steve Menzies]

Bush II Bush – My Salvation (Andry Nalins Deep Interpretation) [Feat. Chelonis R. Jones]

Christian Hornbostel – Guanakos (Dirty Dub)

Christian Hornbostel – Schakunta (Alfred Azzetto Remix)

Christian Hornbostel – We Learned to Smile (Main Club Mix) [Feat. Erin Perry]

Christian Hornbostel – Zambesi (Master Tribe Mix)

Daniel Ortega – Inner Eye (Panevino Dub Mix) [Feat. Fabal]

Filin Brake – Black Magic Pearl (DJ Tekin Remix)

Filippo Fedetto – A Good Time (Peter Pleser Straight To The Floor Remix) [Feat. Midnite Fellas]

Francesco Diaz – Life Is Too Short (Sergio Flores Synthetic Dub) [Feat. Bonny Ferrer]

Hausbrigade – Gambling House EP (Constrained Main)

Hernandez – About Us (Extended Classic Mix)

JM Berutich – It’s You Baby (Christiaan Kouijzer Tuff Love Remix) [Feat. Bruce Baps]

Jochen Pash – Shake It (Deepah Dub)

Kill The Cat – Unlock My Chains (Classic Mix) [Feat. Nadja]

Mario da Ragnio – Curcuma (Milton Jackson Remix) [Feat. Abell]

Matt Caseli – Penthouse Bitch (Marquito & Panes Thai Garden Mix)

Nick & Danny Chatelain – Rumba (David Penn & Rober Gaez Remix)

Norman – Hot Gambles

Raul Rincon – AfroIntegrity (Lord Of The Jungle Mix)

Raul Rincon – Motherland (Lord of the Jungle Edit)

Soul Emphasis – Do It Again



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