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Tim Baresko & Fayce – Cambodian Shoop EP [Juiced Music]

Straight from France and guaranteed to make ya dance, it’s the up and coming producing duo known as Tim Baresko & Fayce! Take a look atcha watch people! It’s party time and the dancefloor is about to get tore the fuck up! Three party jams that put the “fun” in FUNK! We aren’t totally sure what the title of the EP means (Cambodian Shoop) and to tell you the truth we don’t really don’t care. What we do care about is putting out heat and there is no denying this dish has been served piping hot! First off we the pair of funky parisans drop “The Way You Walk & Move” which is an RnB fueled nipple hardener! Hey ladieeeeeees!!!! Next up Tim Baresko goes it solo with “I’LL BE WITH A CAMBODIAN” which is a funky energetic party starter that will leave any dancefloor in “ruins”! Last but definitely not least is the track that we’ve been getting hounded for for what feels like years now! You can leave us alone now, here it is! “CHUPA SHOOP” has been served! We ain’t even gotta say anything about this one just drop it and watch the insanity that ensues.

“Pure party tracks..full support!”
-JASON HODGES (Sampled, Oomph, APT)

“Very nice .. Full Support!”
-DEMARKUS LEWIS (Grin, Guesthouse, Juiced)

“Brilliant funky tracks play for sure!
-SOYDAN (Yakuza, Juiced)

“Party choons, cant wait to test these!!! Good job guys!”
-MANJANE (Disko Zoo, Guesthouse, Juiced)

“Nice Jams…will play “Chupa Soup” and “The Way You Walk & Move” for sure!”
-KARL ALMARIA (Bunchlox, Hudd Traxx, Guess Who)

“The Way You Walk & Move” makes me wanna walk thru the dancefloor & ruffle up my feathers & start grabbin Asses…”
-LIPP TRIXX (Big Wheel, Subphonic)

“These guys party way too hard, trust me! Good to see them step up with a release on Juiced, Lille massive represent!”
-TOM DRUMMOND (Mindtravel, Juiced)

“Very funky stuff…”
-MIKE FRUGALETTI (Good Family, Juiced, Lunatic Jazz)

“Solid EP coming out of the Juiced camp…quality as usual. Definitely feeling The Way You Walk & Move…a definite party starter. Thanks again for the hot fiyah!!!!”
-JEFF DOUGLER & BALU (Juiced, Cabbie Hat, Kinjo, H.A.R.D.)

“Funk Energy = Full Support!!!!”
-DOC LINK (Liberate, Juiced)

“I love this ep. I’ll be with a Cambodian is a hot tune!! and the artwork on this one is lovely!”
-THANO VESSI (Juiced, Maracuja, Kinjo)

“Great Energy throughout the EP. Another hot one my friends at Juiced”
-LUROB (Tango, Mushroom Jazz, Great Lakes Audio, Dufflebag)

“Good tracks!”
-TOMMY LARGO (Guesthouse, Juiced, Cabbie Hat)

“That cambodian tune is a great summer time party jam. Keep em comin fellas.”
-JC HANNA (Soul Fuel)

“Rockin all these on tour for sure!!”
-HUGH CLEAL (Coyote Cuts, Juiced)

“Solid..the way you move is pure heat!!”
-ROBB SWINGA (1200 Traxx)

“I’ll Be With A Cambodian’ is my pick… love the 2-step and fresh sound. Great stuff!”
-PRECIOUS ROY (Cotopaxi, Juiced, Serial Sickness)

“Whoa! Those are some funky ass jams. Seriously funky jams. I’ll be jacking the hell out of these for sure.”
-FORREST AVERY (Serial Sickness, Om, Juiced, Guesthouse, Flapjack)

“Great Ep – loving the funk!”
-PETE LE FREQ (Llama Farm, Juiced)

“Full support from DJ Mes! the Juice is Loose baby!”
-MES (Guesthouse)

“Solid EP! Thanks for the Promo!!”
-ANDREW LOZANO OF UNEAQ (Juiced, Great Lakes Audio, Clique Trax)


“Nice and unique flavor on this release. Will play all 3 for sure!”
-DEREK DUNBAR (Large, Mushroom Jazz, Amenti)

“Top notch release, the french house is back on the shelves.”
-MIKKAEL (Duvet Vous?, House Distillery)

“Chupa Shoop is saweeeeetttt!”
-RAY C (102-103FM Street Beat, CHFM)

-HUGH CLEAL (Coyote Cuts, Juiced)

“Dope EP fav cut is definately Chupa Shoop Straight up funky house beats!!!”
-JAMIE D (Juiced, Guesthouse, Illuminati)

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