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Steal Vybe feat. Alexis Simmons – Is It Possible (Rocco Mixes) [Seasons Limited] {promo}

release date: Apr/27/2011

Is it Possible…

We have returned to one of our favorite vocal projects from the label that was released earlier this year from Steal Vybe and the timeless vocals of Alexis Simmons.

It was time to give ‘Is It Possible’ some remix treatment and we called on our good freind Rocco to lay down his deep vibes and we think it was a match made in heaven.

We will let the music speak for itself. Play this record loud!

Steal Vybe Featuring Alexis Simmons ‘Is It Possible’ Rocco Mixes

1. Rocco Deep Mix
2. Rocco Deep Instrumental
3. Rocco Soul Vocal Mix
4. Rocco Keyapella

Original production written by Chris Forman and Damon Bennett for Steal Vybe and Alexis Simmons. All music and drums written by Steal Vybe. Lyrics written and performed by Alexis Simmons.

Remixes composed and produced by Rocco. *Additional Rhodes Suitecase Piano and keyboards by Fran?ois A. Edited and mixed by Rocco @ Rodamix Studio

Executive produced by Jamie Thinnes

Seasons Limited SL-69 p & c Music, Soul , Nature
publishing administered by songs of Media Creature (bmi) 2010 & Jazz
Cafe Music (ascap) 2010. Chris Cee Rule Forman Music ASCAP. Creators-Child Music ASCAP. Yannadoll ASCAP.

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