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Kimara Lovelace – I Luv You More (Sean McCabe Remix) [King Street] {promo}

release date: May/10/2011

Well check out one of the best of the soulful beat that gave this a beautiful, organic, easy, breezy mix that totally hit the spot.


Sean delivers a smooth and silky remix that’s really going to work thanks.
-Hector Romero

Love Love Love this track!
-Tracy Young

-Aki Bergen

JC mix sounding pretty deadly!

great stuff from sean! love the ciafone dub too! heavy!
-Groove Assassin

If only more people would release soulful house can be ballsy like this and doesn’t have to be all limp and muso-y, we’d be in a better place! Will support!
-Russell Deeks, iDJ/This Is Why We Dance

Thats the real stuff! Love this. Full Support from me.
-Mark Stone (UDM Show)

Caifone NEVER disappoints.. Lovely stuff from the man the legend. Will be supporting!

Was a pleasure to work on this, and Scott smashed the guitar solo on it once again…but Bobby’s club mix is still one of my all time favourite tracks!
-Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe did a good update remix work, good production, beats and instrumentation. But for some reason i still prefer the original mix which i played a lot. Good to have the John Ciafone mix on digital, will play it again too.
-Kiko Navarro

Nice mixes.
-John Mateo

Dope music dope vocal .. DOPE!!!
-Chris samba / dragon-i

Nice BIG package of mixes.
-Nick Power
We’ve been playing the demo mix a lot! Sean’s remixes are very nice.
-Tony Humphries / Jacko (Tony Records)

the welsh wonder kid who hasnt even been allowed in clubs for that long, does a fantastic job with this track. A sweet soulful future classic.
-Craig Bartlett

Awesome mixes. John Ciafone has definitely got the peak time mix!

mood 2 swing for me!
-Craig Woodrow

Super Hot package.Sean & Bobby’s mixes are seriously heavy…We salute u!!
-Happy Man (Cookie Monsterz)

pure quality house…
-Randy Schlager

Used to play the JC to death in more banging moments years back…good have it on digi.
-Asad Rizvi

i Like the dub on this and will support.
-Russ K Klass

Dopeness !!!!
-Fabio Genito

Seans dub mix working after a few listens!! But the full swing dub…. oh my gosh!!
-Ricky Morrison (M&S)

everything Sean touches oozes it. Like Ciafone’s dub too
-Andy Ward

I been playing alot the main vocal mix
-Franco de mulero

-Angelo Posito

i’m telling ya, Sean just won’t quit!
-Parrish Wintersmith (‘Music & Maneuvers’ in

Nice remix and originals still sounding good 🙂
-CJ Mackintosh

love it
-Phil Hooton

good work. i stick with the jc dub.-)
-henri kohn

Great package. Sean’s remix is killer. Love the Ciafone dub too.
-Michael Black (Power FM Dublin)

Will play & support John Ciafone’s Full Swing Dub
-Umberto Giannini (ssradio/HouseRules)

Sean McCabe has remixed this one with respect for the orginal! Great Work! Very soulful!

D’Ambrosio delivered a classy mix, which comparing to a lot of deep and flat stuff on the soulful house market sounds properly and energetic.
-Bogdan Taran/Amber Muse Records

Phenomenal remix of a timeless classic from one of my all time favorite house divas…
-Mike Fossati (Spirit of House)

Good Vibe!!!
-Benji Candelario

Great package!!! All mixes are great!
-DJ Deep

love McCabe mixes and really hope to see John Ciafone back soon!
-Christian Zingales

Sean McCabe does it again!!! Nuff Said!
-Duce Martinez

Nice remix.
-Hippie Torrales

lovin mccabes’s dub…fire….i\’m all over this…big support from me
-niall redmond (RTE Pulse Irish Daily Mirror)

Nice deep and live vibe.
-Jeannie Hopper – Liquid Sound Lounge


It’s truly difficult to remix a classic and have it sound as good, if not better, than the original. Especially if you’re talking about a tune like Kimara’s classic “I Luv You More.” “Can’t be touched!” you say? Well check out one of the best of the soulful beat that gave this a beautiful, organic, easy, breezy mix that totally hit the spot. We’re talking about UK producer/DJ Sean McCabe who recently included this version on his hailed Soulful House Journey comp. Def Mix’s Bobby D’Ambrosio’s original Club & Hectic Dub are included in this package along with John Ciafone’s (of Mood II Swing) thicker & chunkier Full Swing Dub.These were some mighty big shoes to fill, but we’re putting them on & going out. You coming?


Written & Produced by DJ Roland Clark for Urban Soul Productions
Vocals by Kimara Lovelace.

Track#1,#2, #3 & #4:
Remixed and Remix Produced by Sean McCabe.
Keyboards and Drums by Sean McCabe.
Guitar performed by Scott Dennison.

Track#5 & #6:
Additional Production & Remix by Bobby D’Ambrosio for Def Mix Productions.
Keyboards by Shawn Lucas.
Programmed by Bobby D’Ambrosio & Shawn Lucas.
Drums & Percussion by Bobby D’Ambrosio.

Remixed by John Ciafone.

Mastered by Greg Vaughn for The Spot Mastering, Brooklyn.

Grey House (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 1999&2011 King Street Sounds

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