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Wil Milton – A Perfect World-Yoruba Speaks [Blak Ink]
Cultural masterpiece is what defines this new album as Milton offers tribulations to his ancestors. Hes a decent of the African and Japanese people. His musical cursor points are heavily influenced by Yoruba culture, which is populated by the people of West Africa. Music is one of the many ways of life for the Yoruba group, and it plays a major role with deep spiritual healings.
So Now, Blak Ink Music Group is very fortunate and proud to present Wil Milton’s Full-Length Album. A Perfect World-Yoruba Speaks. Wil has spent several months in the studio writing and composing sounds that were messages delivered to him by his ancestors, and GOD. His interpretations are also images that represent this beautiful culture, and magically transform them into songs. For Wil, finding the pathway to human balance is by ways of composing music to the world that is inspired by Olodumare-GOD, and Yoruba traditions. When Yoruba speaks, we listen, for it’s our ancestors that guide us while we commute on our daily spiritual path.
These are some great 10 songs to jam with. Great percussive grooves and melodic structures can all be heard on this recording. Deep House, World Music, Chill-Out is the musical origin of Yoruba.

Publisher: Something Milton Publishing BMI
Music Producer: Wil Milton
Written By:Wil Milton
Producers: Wil Milton
Keyboards: Wil Milton

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