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Various – Keep Calm & Start Dancing Vol 6 [Restore Music]

Various - Keep Calm & Start Dancing Vol 6 [Restore Music]

Absid – Zambia
Anton Suchorukov – Tell Me
Dakar Carvalho – Smile
Dani Sarasola – All Right
David Kassi – Things You Do
Doppelherz – Lost Control
Egopool – Circle Line
Fiberroot – Give Your Heart Away
Filterwolf – Electra
Fuzzion – Yellow Mellow
Ghostt Groove – She Dark (Modern Talker Remix)
Hakan Rubb – Yourself
Jouliey Bergmann – What’chu Like
Louca – People Know (Moosefly Remix)
Max Colosimo – New Philosophy
Miguel Quiterio – Going (Modern Talker Remix)
Modern Talker – Something Deep Inside Me (Feat. Ade Thompson)
Moodjackerz – Friends
Munich Underground Collective (M.U.C) – Sorrow Man
Reda Dare – Let Me Be (Monkeys Bootique Remix)
Scsi-9 – I’m Lost
Severin Borer – Bring Some Love
Softcash – Sensitivity
Vincent Vidal – Retrocity (Pherox Remix)
Yokoo – Erotic Asphyxiation (Daso Remix) [Feat. Kate Austin]


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