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Various – Candybeach Compilation 2016 [CandyBeach]

Alkalino – Distant Future
Angelo Ferreri & Alessio Cala’ – Like You Know
Bronx Cheer – Caught Up
Bronx Cheer – Do Do Funk (feat Gramma Funk – Kenny Summit & Tom Gianelli remix)
Dany Cohiba – Guytarra
Dany Cohiba – Just Be Real
Davide Neri – C’mon
Davide Neri – Love
Davide Neri – You Can Think
Deepconsoul – Love Again (feat Tpee Soul)
Eddie Amador & Dany Cohiba – Round & Round
Jose Torres – Candybeach Mix Two 2016 (continuous DJ mix)
Juanra GarciĀ­a – Candybeach Mix One 2016 (continuous DJ mix)
Ritmo Du Vela & Serge Gee – It’s Good
Rory Hoy & Floyd Crystal – What Can You Do (Bronx Cheer remix)
Serge Gee – Do It
Serge Gee – Lalala
Twism & B3rao – Don’t Hold Back
Twism & B3rao – Don’t Let Go
VDX – Magical Passes (feat A Billi Free – OtherSoul remix)
VDX – Magical Passes (feat A Billi Free)
Veiga – This Is Heaven


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