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Various – Best Vocal House ( Since 2011-2015) [Lilac Jeans]

Various - Best Vocal House ( Since 2011-2015) [Lilac Jeans]

DeJay Cease – Ain’t Nobody (Lilac Jeans Vocal Mix) (feat. Carla Prather)
DJ Christos – Weekend Special (Lilac Jeans Vilakazi Street Mix)
Einstein – Just A Little Help (Lilac Jeans Vocal Remix)
Fiso Da Costa – Landscape Beyond The Clouds ( Lilac Jeans Vocal Version) (feat. Lorena)
Footsounds – Crown (Lilac Jeans Vocal Remix) (feat. Siyamusika)
Hood Natives – Carpe Diem (Lilac Jeans Vocal Remix) (feat. Stones & Bones)
Jaicko – Shine (Lilac Jeans Vocal Mix)
K One – My Time Our Time ( Lilac Jeans Vocal Remix) (feat. Kele B)
Lilac Jeans – Crazy Things ( Lilac Jeans Dub Version) (feat. Inno)
Lilac Jeans – Hand & Glove ( Original Mix) (feat. Laveda)
Lilac Jeans – Hold On (Original Mix) (feat. Kele B)
Lilac Jeans – Love Me Love Me (Original Mix) (feat. Atom)
Lilac Jeans – Sky Is The Limit (Original Mix) (feat. Sue)
Lilac Jeans – This Love (Original Mix) (feat. Sio Blackwidow)
Lilac Jeans – You (Original Mix) (feat. Patricia Edwards)
Lilac Jeans – Zithande (Original Mix) (feat. Snash)
Monocles – You ( Lilac Jeans Vocal Remix) (feat. Ladybird)
Rafiki – Fool For Love ( Lilac Jeans Vocal Remix) (feat. Zano)
SculpturedMusic – Run Away ( Lilac Jeans Vocal Remix) (feat. Lizzy)
Steevan – We Will Survive (Lilac Jeans Vocal Remix) (feat. Neli)
TmorrisonLive – Chasing Paper (Lilac Jeans Vocal Mix) (feat. Silver Heart)


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