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Various Artists – This Is Disco Funk, Vol. 1 [Sound-Exhibitions-Records]

Alex Deeper – Make Me (Original Mix)
Alex Deeper – Orient (Original Mix)
Brad Von Gusto – Zac Are U There (Original Mix)
Break N Chord – Alta Quota (Original Mix)
Daniel F. Schneider – Love At First Sight (Original Mix)
Daniel F. Schneider – Shifted (Original Mix)
Dj Moy – Metrofunk (Original Mix)
Dj Moy – Space Beach (Original Mix)
Funky Brothers – In The Dark Room (Original Mix)
Ian Faze – High & Mighty (Original Mix)
J.B. Boogie – Funkyman (Original Mix)
J.B. Boogie – Good Things (Original Mix)
Noil Rago – Back Again (Original Mix)
Noil Rago – Funky Town (Original Mix)
Noil Rago – Like In A Movie (Original Mix)
Noil Rago – Martini Is (Original Mix)
NoilRago – Black & White (Original Mix)
NoilRago – When They Come Back (Original Mix)
Phil Disco – Cosmic Jazz (Original Mix)
Phil Disco – Cosmic Zone (Original Mix)
Phil Disco – Deep Zone (Original Mix)
Phil Disco – Motor Disco (Original Mix)
Phil Disco – Plasma (Original Mix)
Phil Disco – Troical Zone (Original Mix)
Ricky Montana – Funky Town (Original Mix)
The Trio Flavours – Funk Beach (Original Mix)
Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode inc project) – New York City (Original Mix)


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