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Various Artists – The Best Of 2020 Deep Afro [Sound-Exhibitions-Records]

Alberto Tagliaferri – Britney On (Original Mix)
Alberto Tagliaferri – Red Shark (Original Mix)
Antonio Esse – Sea Town (Original Mix)
Antonio Esse – Turn Around (Original Mix)
Col Lawton – Feeling It (Original Mix)
Col Lawton – Good Afternoon (Original Mix)
Col Lawton – Rock Me Baby (Original Mix)
David Caetano – Keep On Dub (Nu Phonic Remix)
David Caetano – The Next Time (House Clan Remix)
Dessen Duo – Cosmic Area (Original Mix)
Dessen Duo – DHD2 (Original Mix)
Dj Moy – Back To The Africa (Original Mix)
Dj Moy – The Dance Floor (Original Mix)
House Clan – Afrodisiako (Original Mix)
House Clan – Cosmic Afro (Original Mix)
House Clan – Disco Inside (Original Mix)
Jeao – La Voz (Original Mix)
Klima Project – Do Your Afro Dance (Original Mix)
Klima Project – Gravity Material (Original Mix)
M.A.D.Y – Afro House A (Original Mix)
M.A.D.Y – Afro House B (Original Mix)
Mr. Thruout – Emem (Original Mix)
Mr. Thruout – Fashion You (Original Mix)
Nuphonic – Soul xx (Original Mix)
Patrizio Virdis – Lost Place (Original Mix)
RobJ – Berlin Play (Original Mix)
RobJ – Deep Experience (Original Mix)
Three Flames – Aperitive (Original Mix)
TJ Edit – My Afro Style (Original Mix)


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