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Various Artists – Tasty Recordings – Best Of 2020 [Tasty Recordings Digital]

Audio Jacker – Can’t You See (Original Mix)
Audio Jacker – Disco Paradise (Original Mix)
Audio Jacker – Holdin’ On (Original Mix)
Audio Jacker – Old Skool (Original Mix)
Audio Jacker – Party Time Again (Original Mix)
Audio Jacker – Symphony Of Love (Original Mix)
Audio Jacker, Discotron – Disco Booty (Original Mix)
Audio Jacker, Discotron – Let’s Roll (Original Mix)
Boogie Freaks – Everybody Jumpin’ (Original Mix)
Boogie Freaks – Inside My Heart (Original Mix)
Boogie Freaks – Let It Show (Original Mix)
Boogie Freaks – Luv U So (Original Mix)
Boogie Freaks – Show Me Love (Original Mix)
Discotron – Actin’ Kinda Shady (Original Mix)
Discotron – Do You Know Disco (Original Mix)
Discotron – Gettin’ High Tonight (Original Mix)
Discotron – Gimme Gimme (Original Mix)
Discotron – Only Foolin’ Yourself (Original Mix)
Discotron, Alan Junior – Feel The Vibe (Original Mix)
Discotron, HP Vince – Woo Hoo (Nu Disco Mix)
Disko Junkie – I Know Disko (Original Mix)
Disko Junkie – Lose Yourself (Original Mix)
Disko Junkie – Oh So Disko (Original Mix)
Disko Junkie – On The Move (Original Mix)
Disko Junkie – The House Of Love (Original Mix)
Disko Junkie – This Disko Feelin’ (Original Mix)
Disko Junkie – Worldwide Disko (Original Mix)
Giorgio Rodgers – Get This Party Jumpin’ (Original Mix)
HP Vince – Summer Night (Original Mix)
Jack Le Funk – Do It Now (Original Mix)
Jack Le Funk – Don’t Stop Le Funk (Original Mix)
Jack Le Funk – Get Funky 2 Nite (Original Mix)
Jack Le Funk – Without You (Original Mix)
Joey Chicago – Makin’ You Happy (Original Mix)
Serial Thrilla – Don’t You Say (Original Mix)
Serial Thrilla – I Luv Disco (Original Mix)
Serial Thrilla – Move That Body (Original Mix)
Serial Thrilla – On Ya Mind (Original Mix)
Serial Thrilla – Shine (Original Mix)
Serial Thrilla – Take My Lovin’ (Original Mix)


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