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Various Artists – Summer Never Ends (60 Fantastic Chill House Tunes) [Feel The Vibe]

Various Artists - Summer Never Ends (60 Fantastic Chill House Tunes) [Feel The Vibe]

2nd Floor – My Vibrations (Original Mix)
4th Sensation – This Heaven (Original Mix)
Alan Brooker – Muddy Waters (Deep House Mix)
Alex Latino – Guitarra Sospesa (Original Mix)
Aurora – Sad Day (Original Mix)
Basement Brothers – Check My Melody (Hfx Mix)
Beach Night Ensemble – Taste It (One Linden Mix)
Blue Feeling – Just Feeling (Original Mix)
Chill V – Sunset at Cafe Del Mar (Original Mix)
City Centre Ensemble – Believe It or Not (Original Mix)
Consistent Hoz – Resistance Beat (Original Mix)
Crucial Love – Crucial Love (Original Mix)
D Groove – Speak Over (Karisma Mix)
D Grooves – Soave (Original Mix)
Da Groove – Magic (Miami Beach Mix)
Danny Hay – By and By (Fantastic World Mix)
Deep Groovers – Child (Original Mix)
Deep Selected – Blue Sky (Original Mix)
Deep Sound Of Love – Bridge Love (Original Mix)
Deep Tronix – Very Often (Liberty Mix)
Diapason Ensemble – Wasting Time (Original Mix)
DJ D Bass – Out (Vanilla Mix)
DJ Joseph B – Long Love (Original Mix)
Eddie Queen Quartett – Night at the Copacabana (Original Mix)
F.D. Project – In the Rain (Original Mix)
F.D. Project – You Know Who (Original Mix)
Floor 21 – Silver Cocktail (Original Mix)
Flowermann – The Flow (On the Lake Mix)
Francesco Demegni – Cold (Original Mix)
Frank D & Co – Lady Groove (Original Mix)
Frank Dee – Black Window (Original Mix)
Frank Wolks – September (House Mix)
House Lovers – Sooner Than Later (Deep & Deep Mix)
Houzestarr – Good People (Longitudinal Mix)
J. Francoise – Blue Power (Original Mix)
Jam Of Notes – Notes of Rhodes (Indoor Mix)
Jaques Lacroix – About Us (Original Mix)
Jeff Kanna – Talk On (Deep Mix)
Jerry Gonzales – Keep in Mind (Deeper & Deeper) [Original Mix]
Jerry Mantis – Some Like It Deep (Original Mix)
Jerry Thompson – Wine and Lies (Original Mix)
K Groove – Five Plus Four (Original Mix)
Ken Raymond – Compressed (My House Mix)
Kreeze – Housing You (Original Mix)
Kreeze – Sexxx (Original Mix)
London Ensemble – Hybrid Theory (Deep Mix)
Long Beach Grooves – Funky Town (Original Mix)
Mallo House – Beep Deep (Bongo Mix)
Marina – So Much Love (Original Mix)
Martin Vaudano – No No, No (Original Mix)
Modell & Mercier – Desert Storm (The Matrix Mix)
Mr. Vaud – Life in the Night (Original Mix)
Pascal Mancino – The Moon Lovers (Original Mix)
Stephen Blackburn – At the Window (Sexy Mix)
Supagroove – Aspire (House Inn Mix)
The Musix – Let the Tramp Play (Original Mix)
The Street Prayers – You Don’t Know (Original Mix)
Tony Roja – Unforgettable Place (Deep Place Mix)
Vax – My Destiny (Original Mix)
Vortex – In the Sunshine (Original Mix)


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