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Various Artists – SedSoul Tunes [Sedsoul]

Various Artists - SedSoul Tunes [Sedsoul]

Cool Million – Sprinkle (Feat. Audio)
Cool Million – Type of Woman (Feat. P.A.C.E)
Farina Miss – Stranger
Laura Jackson – Sprung Out
Leroy Burgess – Doin’Me Tonight
Mariama Ceesay – Soon Ending Story (Cool Million 79 Mix)
Mothertune – Perfection (Feat. Jay W. McGee) (7inch Mix)
Natasha Watts – Let Go
Rocco Careri, Arturo Macchiavelli – Hot Butterfly (Feat. Eric King) (Rob Hardt Rework)
Ryle – Never Gonna Let You Go (Feat. Seest)


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