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Various Artists – Seasonal, Vol. 7 [Look Ahead Records]

B. Powelson – Bold Connection
B. Powelson – Misty Thoughts
Corey R. – Anxious Visions
Corey R. – Playing with a Gun
Fabian Rathke – My Own Gift
Fabian Rathke – The Target’s Rage
Gantner – Beyond the Shots
Gantner – Twenty-Four Hours
Jess Amari – Bewildering
Jess Amari – Everybody Sings
Justin J. Golder – Delightful Holidays
Justin J. Golder – Long-Awaited Sounds
Keppel – Generations of Mankind
Keppel – Ships of Reception
Lynn J. Murphy – Big City Cries
Lynn J. Murphy – Windows of Apartments
M. Baer – Kicking the Dust
M. Baer – The Days of Males
Shearon – Roll the Vibe
Shearon – The Impure Point
T. Helmstetter – Daunting Games
T. Helmstetter – The Flying Power
Topham – Smiling Sadness
Topham – Tunes May Rain
Vance Loomer – Maximum Velocity
Vance Loomer – No One’s Dying
Vaughn Q. – Loose Tongues
Vaughn Q. – The Moon of Dreams
Willie Waddill – The Naked
Willie Waddill – The Secret Ages


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