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Various Artists – Miami 2018 Broken Beat- Nu Jazz [Sound-Exhibitions-Records]

Afro Dub – Corando (Original Mix)
Afro Dub – Funk & Afro 13 (Original Mix)
Afro Dub – Funk Vintage (Original Mix)
Afro Dub – Sorinhos (Original Mix)
Break N Chord – Money (Original Mix)
Break N Chord – Mysterious Aspect (Original Mix)
Break N Chord – Slow In Chord (Original Mix)
Break N Chord – Train To Brixton (Original Mix)
Different Things – Drop Up (Original Mix)
Different Things – Extra Dry (Original Mix)
Klima Project – I Saw You Near The Sea (Original Mix)
Klima Project, Jaime – Come With Me (Original Mix)
Klima Project, Nacho Vs. Nacho – 77 Caresses (Original Mix)
Klima Project, Nacho Vs. Nacho – Beach Party (Original Mix)
LTG Long Travel Groove – Sold Out (Original Mix)
Metroverve – Cocktails Jazz Dance (Original Mix)
Metroverve – Daydream (Original Mix)
Metroverve – Foulard (Original Mix)
Metroverve – Ora X (Original Mix)
Metroverve – Viali Di Milano (Original Mix)
Radar Factory – Foggy (Original Mix)
Radar Factory – Photo Primaire (Original Mix)
Svendaq – Cup of Coffee (Original Mix)
Svendaq – Les Zazous (Original Mix)
Svendaq – Road of Love (Original Mix)
Svendaq – Share It (Original Mix)
Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc. Project) – Jazzy Greetings (Original Mix)


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