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Various Artists – Keb Darge and Little Edith’s Legendary Wild Rockers 5 [BBE]

Ahab, The Wailers – Neb’s Tune

Alvis Wayne – Swing Bop Boogie

Billy Tidwell, The Chivells – Folsom Prison Blues

Bob Doss – Don’t Be Gone Long

Bobby De Soto – The Cheater

Bobby Verne – Red Hot Car

Brownie Johnson – The Sun Would Never Shine

Chan Romero – My Little Ruby

Duke Dickson, The Teens – Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t

Elroy Dietzel – Teenage Ball

Jonnie, The Cyclones – Twisted Fender

Pat Cupp, the Flying Saucers – Do Me No Wrong

Reggie Perkins, His Rockin’ Maniacs – Pretty Kitty

Ron Haydock – Maybelline

Royce Porter – Yes I Do

The Dynamics – Later On

The Jesters – Panther Pounce

The Jesters – Side Tract

The Thunderbolts – Rambling On

Thumper Jones – How Come It

Wally Hughes – Convertible Car


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