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Various Artists – Jungle Town Vol. 1 [Baci Recordings]

AFO – Dirty Walk (Radio Edit)
AFO – Feel Good (Radio Edit)
AFO – Motor City Motel (Radio Edit)
AFO – Sunny Spells (Radio Edit)
AFO – Urban Percussions (Radio Edit)
AFO, Vee Disco – Space 1979 (Radio Edit)
Alene Barret – Get Funny (Radio Edit)
Alene Barret – Sax Jam (Radio Edit)
Alene Barret – Shut Up (Radio Edit)
Alene Barret – The Percussionist (Radio Edit)
AVA (It) – Clap Your Hands (Radio Edit)
AVA (It) – I Love You (Radio Edit)
Dan Kobel – Garage Party (Radio Edit)
El Jazzyra – Our Sophisticated Groove (Radio Edit)
Enzo Pianzola Mr. Trend – Funky (Radio Edit)
Enzo Pianzola Mr. Trend – Natural Juices (Radio Edit)
Fabrizio Poli – Jump On (Radio Edit)
Fabrizio Poli – Love (Radio Edit)
Fabrizio Poli – Rise (Radio Edit)
JazzyFunk – Crazy Love (Radio Edit)
Jizzin – Chicago Dancing (Radio Edit)
Jizzin – Disco Queen (Radio Edit)
Jizzin – Ring My Bell (Radio Edit)
Jizzin – Sons of Love (Radio Edit)
Jizzin – The Funk Philosophy (Radio Edit)
Jizzin, Discojuice – Big Tail (Radio Edit)
Jizzin, Donna Gioia – Disco Music (Radio Edit)
Juloboy – Heaven (Radio Edit)
Labaci, Stoned Butterflies – 70’s Delights (Radio Edit)
Luca La Greca – Make It Funk (Radio Edit)
Mario Scalambrin – A New Beginning (Radio Edit)
MIMO (USA) – Working (Radio Edit)
Paolo Bardelli, AFO – Discontinously (Radio Edit)
Phreo, AFO – The Tape (Radio Edit)
Stoned Butterflies – Funky Friends (Radio Edit)
Stoned Butterflies – Glowing Strings (Radio Edit)
Stoned Butterflies – Love the Music (Radio Edit)
Stoned Butterflies – Symphony Orchestra (Radio Edit)
Stoned Butterflies, Sabrina Pallini – Chance (Radio Edit)
Stoned Butterflies, Sabrina Pallini, Fabrizio Poli – Back Again (Radio Edit)
Stoned Butterflies, Vee Disco – Stomp (Radio Edit)
Sun Rocks – Tribute (Radio Edit)
YoJACK – Funky Pray (Radio Edit)
YoJACK – Get Up (Radio Edit)


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