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Various Artists – In It Together Records Summer 2021 [In It Together Records]

A Double – Groove Machine (Vincent Caira Remix)
Alex Gewer – Like That (Original Mix)
Aliens Bad Brothers, Stephan Barbieri, Big Martino – Mela Cha Cha Cha (DANROS Remix)
Angel Johnson, Tammy Cartwright – Don’t You Know (Original Mix)
Bexxie, Bubs – Locked In (13-Side Remix)
Carlos Salas – Fever (Original Mix)
Col Lawton – 1979 (Original Mix)
DJ Dashcam – In Walked Out (Original Mix)
DJ Kone & Marc Palacios – Nothing Serious (Music P & Marque Aurel Remix)
Dom Ryan – Know Me (Original Mix)
Frankie Shakes, HAUMS – All I Need (Original Mix)
George Munro – Question My Love (Original Mix)
Glen Horsborough – My Identity (KPD & Lunnas Remix)
Jas P – In It Together Records Summer 2021 (Continuous Mix 1)
Jas P – In It Together Records Summer 2021 (Continuous Mix 2)
JazzyFunk, Pyma, Karmina Dai – Funk Me Up (Never Dull Remix)
Jess Bays, Mirko & Meex – The Stars (Original Mix)
Juannan – Chicago House Blues (Original Mix)
King Crowney – Rainman (T┼Źnis & Narda Remix)
KingCrowney, S.O.S, Lydia Rose – Want Some Jazz (N-You-Up At Midnight Mix)
Lizzie Curious – Ready To Party (Original Mix)
Martin Marson – When You Love Them (Tom Da Lips Remix)
Matias Galli – The Way (Original Mix)
Mirko Boni – Deep Swing (Original Mix)
Narciso & Gerundino – Let It Go (DJ Landan Time Soulful House Remix)
Oscar Pino – Party Disco (Original Mix)
Rhythm Staircase, Lizzie Curious – Disco Duck (Midnight City Remix)
Sami Dee – Why Don’t You (Massimo Vanoni Remix)
Sammy Deuce – Midnight Madness (Birdee Remix)
Samo, Alimish – Love Come Alive (Original Mix)
Simone D Jay – Spiritual Thing (Original Mix)
The Doberman Club – Bad Boy Sound (Original Mix)


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