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Various Artists – House Afrika Presents Mzansi House Vol. 8 [House Afrika Records]

Brewed Souls – 925
Brewed Souls – D.N.A
Brewed Souls – Is It All (Original Vocal Mix)
Brewed Souls – Pray Until Something Happens
Brewed Souls – Roads Ahead
Brewed Souls – So Cold (Original Vocal Mix)
Brewed Souls – The Arsenal
Brewed Souls – The Garage
Brewed Souls – Things You Do (Original Vocal Mix)
Brewed Souls – Undenzeni Na (Original Vocal Mix)
Fka Mash – Sgidla Va
Fka Mash – Something For The Sunset
Fka Mash – Superhero Complex
Fka Mash, Myazisto – Oslo
Fka Mash, Naak Musiq – Feelings
Fka Mash, Samthing Soweto – Get Down (Extended Mix)
Fka Mash, Tahir Jones – Letting You Go
Four7 – Alone
Four7 – Hold On
Four7 & Sean Munnick – 2014
Four7, Des’Rae – Show Me The Way
Pierre Johnson – Astrophysics
Pierre Johnson – CURE
Pierre Johnson – Movin’ On
Pierre Johnson – The Fear
Pierre Johnson – Trust Like No Other
Pierre Johnson & Chris Jay – CPH4
Pierre Johnson & Chris Jay – Kaizen
Pierre Johnson & Sooks – Miles Away
Pierre Johnson, Jazzuelle – Like Home (Interlude)
Pierre Johnson, The LazarusMan – One Mind
Sean Munnick – Flashbacks
Sean Munnick – I Duno
Sean Munnick – Love Letter


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