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Various Artists – Funky Revival The Best of 2021 [Funky Revival]

Alexny – A Bailar (Original Mix)
Alexny – Feel (Say Yes) (Original Mix)
Alexny – Feel Right, All Night (Original Mix)
Alexny – Get With You (Original Mix)
Alexny – Giving You A Chance (Original Mix)
Alexny – Tâo Lindo (Original Mix)
Alexny – You Care (Original Mix)
Andy Bach – You & Me (Original Mix)
BBwhite – Block Party (Original Mix)
BBwhite – For U (Original Mix)
BBwhite – Mr Right (Original Mix)
BBwhite – The Choice (Original Mix)
Bonetti – Love 4 U (Original Mix)
Brothers in Arts – Now Pray! (Original Mix)
C. Da Afro – Body Movement (Original Mix)
C. Da Afro – Classy Lady (Original Mix)
C. Da Afro – Do It Baby (Original Mix)
C. Da Afro – Rollin Disco (Original Mix)
Chemars – Breathe (Original Mix)
Chemars – Bring It Back (Original Mix)
Chemars – Can You Feel It (Original Mix)
Chemars – Disco Degree (Original Mix)
Chemars – Going Deeper (Original Mix)
Chemars – My Hood (Original Mix)
Chemars – One More Time (Original Mix)
Chemars – Shake It (Original Mix)
Chemars – Summer Break (Original Mix)
Discoloverz – Going Up (Original Mix)
Discoloverz, Rick Marshall – Feel The Need (Original Mix)
Discoloverz, Rick Marshall – Superstar DJ’s (Original Mix)
EIGHTY2 – Disc Jockeys (Original Mix)
EIGHTY2 – Tonite (Original Mix)
EIGHTY2 – Working Them Hips (Original Mix)
FederFunk – Choose You (Original Mix)
FUNKYBEAT – Better Late (Original Mix)
FUNKYBEAT – If You Know (Original Mix)
FUNKYBEAT – Love Me Better (Original Mix)
Hotmood – Black Woman (Original Mix)
Hotmood – Disco Will Never Die (Original Mix)
Hotmood – Everybody Get Dancing (Original Mix)
Hotmood – Feel The Beat (Original Mix)
Hotmood – Funktastic (Original Mix)
Hotmood – Never Gonna Let You Go (Original Mix)
Hotmood – Saturday Night (Original Mix)
Hotmood – The Journey (Original Mix)
Hotmood – You Gonna Like It (Original Mix)
HP Vince – We Will Get By (Original Mix)
J.B. Boogie – Feels So Good (Original Mix)
J.B. Boogie – Like To Touch (Original Mix)
J.B. Boogie – Party Time (Original Mix)
Kenny Bizzarro – Shure (Original Mix)
Kenny Bizzarro – Speed (Original Mix)
Kenny Bizzarro – UR (Original Mix)
Locky – Pushin’ On (Original Mix)
Locky – Tonight (Original Mix)
Maex, Point85 – So Much Energy (Original Mix)
Midnite Fellas – Runner (Original Mix)
Mike Chenery – Bottom Line (Original Mix)
Mike Chenery – Give It Up (Original Mix)
Mike Chenery – Give Me Love (Original Mix)
Mike Chenery – I Know U Feel (Original Mix)
Mike Chenery – Rock The Rhythm (Original Mix)
Mike Chenery – Too Late (Original Mix)
Mike Chenery – Too Much (Original Mix)
Mike Chenery, Da Funk Junkies – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
Mike Chenery, Rick Marshall – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
Paco Caniza – I Don’t Want (Original Mix)
Paco Caniza – Your Body (Original Mix)
Peter Ellis – We Have A Love (Original Mix)
Point85, Maex – Da Night (Original Mix)
Point85, Maex – Limit (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Candyman (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Can’t Get Enough (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Come And Get My Lovin’ (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Do You Feel It (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Doin’ It (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – East Side Jack (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Everybody Get Up (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Free (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Good Old Dayz (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Good Time (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Groove (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Jack Forever (If You Want To) (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Jackin Piano (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Let’s Get Down (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Look Fantastic (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Love Guarantee (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Magic (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Move & Groove (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Never Gonna Get It (My Lovin’) (Chemars Rework)
Rick Marshall – Salsa Jam (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Somebody (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – Wait A Minute (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall – What Kinda Man (Original Mix)
Ryan Truman – Rock 2 Da Rhythm (Original Mix)
Scott Diaz – Back For The First Time (Original Mix)
Scott Diaz – Second Chances (Original Mix)
Scott Diaz – Third Time’s The Charm (Original Mix)
SMHRS – Disco (Original Mix)
ZKRT – Smooth Move (Original Mix)


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