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Various Artists – Funky House Soulful The Best Of 2018 [Sound-Exhibitions-Records]

Funk O’ya – Beached (Original Mix)
Funk O’ya – Futuristico (Original Mix)
Funk O’ya – One On Night (Original Mix)
Funk O’ya – Reflex (Original Mix)
Funk O’ya – Sky City (Original Mix)
Funk ReverSe – Clap Your Head (Original Mix)
Funk ReverSe – InDaHouse A (Original Mix)
Funk ReverSe – InDaHouse C (Original Mix)
Funk ReverSe – InDaHouse D (Original Mix)
Funk ReverSe – It’s Now Over (Original Mix)
Funk ReverSe – Just A Minute (Original Mix)
Funk ReverSe – Long Night Ladies (Original Mix)
Funk ReverSe – People Get Up (Original Mix)
Nuphonic – Funky Funky (Original Mix)
Nuphonic – I Don’t Know (Original Mix)
Nuphonic – I Like The Soulful (Original Mix)
Nuphonic – I Need Your Love (Original Mix)
Nuphonic – Lady B (Original Mix)
Nuphonic – Light Me Up (Original Mix)
Nuphonic – Like Me (Original Mix)
Nuphonic – Liz (Original Mix)
Nuphonic – Love My (Original Mix)
Nuphonic – Marrakech Express (Original Mix)
Nuphonic – My Great Story (Original Mix)
Nuphonic – Portoghese (Original Mix)
Ricky Montana – Loving (Club Mix)
Ricky Montana – Loving (Vito Lalinga ReEdit)
Ricky Montana – Old River (Club Mix)
The Broker, Funk O’ya – Heyho (Original Mix)
TJ Edit, Funk O’ya – Disco Night (Original Mix)
Vito Lalinga – I Can Feel (Ricky Montana Remix)


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