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Various Artists – Funky Gems – Selected House Tunes, Vol. 16 [Complex Textures]

Red rose growing through soil against spooky tree

Butterfly Soul – Love Theme
Claas Reimer – Pick Up (Scott Orlans Remix)
Daniele Francesco – Rock to the Rhythm (Dub Mix)
Dany Cohiba – Noche en la Habana
David Caballero – Make It Fun
Dung Beetle Music – Afro Down South (Backyard Mix)
Eytiex – Organ Plucky
Gilbert Le Funk – Vril
Grounded Oaks, Katt Mohale – Music I Love (Bongzin Mbatha Mix) [Feat. Katt Mohale]
G-Sax – G-Groove
Hudson Passos – The Morgan
Jason Timothy – Rev
Love’n Loops – The Happy Jazzman
Matthias Springer – Smooth Doctor (Remastered)
Newton B – Funkiest
Norenoise – Boogie Tonight (House Mix)
Paolo Barbato, Mauri Fly – 100% (Instrumental Mix)


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