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Various Artists – Follow us [Digi Records]

Alpha.9 – Berlininator (I’ll Be Back)
Alpha.9 – Loser (Reeeaalllyyy!!)
Alpha.9 – Make It Rain
Alpha.9 – Simplicity (Electro Mix)
Alpha.9 – You Can Do It (NeedleDick)
Alpha.9, Brandon Schneider – The Exterminator
Davide Neri – Maga legna
Davide Neri – Push This Beat (Electro Mix)
Davide Neri, Lokka – Hold Me in Your Hands (Electro Mix)
Davide Neri, Lokka – Red Carpet (Summer Mix)
DIGI – Fairly (Original Mix)
DIGI – Killer (Digi Eletro Edit)
DIGI – Sixteen (Original Mix)
DIGI, Lokka – Don’t Look at Me (Digi Vox Edit)
Fennex, Paolo B. – It’s Over
Freddy J. Romero – Artic Flavour (Electro Mix)
Freddy J. Romero, Lokka – Falling Down (Vocal Mix)
Kenji Nakagami – Mellow
Kenji Nakagami – Party People (Classic Electro Mix)
Kenji Nakagami – Tesla
Kenji Nakagami, DIGI – I Must Have U (Electro Mix)
Kenji Nakagami, JFK – I Am Berliner (House Remix)
Kenny Jefferson – Fly Me to the Moon (Classic Electro Mix)
Kenny Jefferson – Silver Moon (Classic Electro Mix)
Lisa Hun – We’ll Change This World
MiMZ – Sober


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