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Various Artists – Do You Have Your Ammo! Vol 3 [Ammo Recordings]

Alessio Cala’ – Jackin Showcases (original mix)
Charles Feelgood & Felipe Avelar – Little Lovin (original mix)
Chris Geka & Tecca – Furius Love (Dave Rose remix)
Dafunkeetomato – Get On Down (original mix)
Dafunkeetomato & Felipe Avelar – My Lady (original mix)
Dafunkeetomato & Felipe Avelar – The Groove (original mix)
Disco Ball’z – Gentle Playerz (original mix)
Doc Link – I Got A Story To Tell (original mix)
Felipe Avelar – Favorite Girl (Hatiras remix)
Felipe Avelar – Iknow (original mix)
Felipe Avelar – Just A Groove (feat Frequency – Rescue remix)
Felipe Avelar – Love You No More (DJ Funsko remix)
Felipe Avelar – My Life (original mix)
Filta Freqz – What You Love (original mix)
JedX – How We Do It (original mix)
JedX & Felipe Avelar – The Way I Like It (original mix)
Joey Chicago – She Was Lonely (original mix)
Kaylito Beatgante – Anymore (original mix)
Kenny Bizzarro – Freak It (original mix)
Makson (PL) – Let’s Get It On (original mix)
Manny Murillo – G Street (original mix)
Mario Dubbz – West Syde Stomp (original mix)
Nora Thud – Hard Headz (original mix)
Rick Marshall – Everyone (original mix)
Sonia Merz – Everything (feat Elliot Blacker – original mix)
Stacy Kidd – Jack In The Box (Saturday mix)


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