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Various Artists – Deep Lounge Sensation, Vol. 2 [PURPLE]

Various Artists - Deep Lounge Sensation, Vol. 2 [PURPLE]

Alex Pardini – Spectre (Electronic Mix)
Anthony Romeno, Lady Vale – You Have Got No Feeling Emotion (Ardp Mix)
Ariano Kina – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
Billie – Come Along (Louis Benedetti Dub Instrumental Mix)
Costa Martinez, Jiamee – Plastic Love (Diego Auguanno Deep Vibrant Remix)
Darryl D’Bonneau, Cinnamon Brown – House of Love (Wmc Mix)
Deep Djoe, Pedro Mazz, Zaig Cole – Let It All Change (Antony Fennel Deep Mix)
Deep Grounder, Virag – Stand Up (Diego Auguanno Dub Mix)
James Deron, Ismael K. – Saxxo (Original Mix)
Jamie Lewis, Kim Cooper – Naked (Jamie Lewis Buffalo Mix)
Liquideep – Alone (Rocco Deep Mix)
Michelle Weeks, TeeJay Walton – Oh so Good (Brian Burnside Dub)
Mike Scot, Miss Bunty, Saxy Mr. S – Heaven (Lauer & Canard & Greg Note Remix)
Misteralf, Maiya – Give Me the Light (Jamie Lewis Raw Piano Mix)
Monica Mira, Raidel, Maximilian G – Love the Way (Raidel Mix)
Nightrhymes, Michael Clifford – Heartbreaker (Souldynamic Remix)
Niko Favata, Mirko Paoloni, Rescue Poetix – Talk to Me (Piano Mix)
Ray Paxon, Syb, Freda Goodlett – Muisc Is My Shelter (Original Mix)
Sergio D’Angelo, Andrea Love – Song of Thanks (Martello Bros. Remix)
Souldynamic, Adeola Shyllon – Revival (Souldynamic Go Spiritual Mix)
Stuart Ojelay – Lover Than You Are (Re-Groove)
Yougene – White Sand (Original Mix)


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