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Various Artists – Chill House Seasons 2018: Autumn [LPA City Recordings]

Alex Nöthlich – Space Routine
Asking Altotas – Crossed to the Mainland
Cane Garden Quartet – Mucho Gusto en el Verano
Cane Garden Quartet – Tortured Summer
Chiffre 100 – Backpackers
City Capture – Summer Long
Crossing Colors – Pendular
Downstair Project – Whiskey in the Backyard
Dusty Deckk – Mathematics
Filthy Rhodes – Tocanà
FL Acid – Un Sueño
Funkshiner – Ischia
LPA City – Fantasy
LPA City – Something Different
LPA City – Summer Breeze
LPA City – Thinking About It
Mephia – Ananda
Mephia – Italian Lounge Wave
Nemanja Basaric – Fricky Funk
Rhythmphoria – Salado
Rob Hayes – Starlight
Samu Sanchez – Pitaya (Ezio Centanni Remix)
Schwarz & Funk – Chudera (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Deepluxe (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Depart
Schwarz & Funk – Last Train (Beach House Mix)
Spiritual Soul – All Around
STJ feat. Trice, STJ, Trice – Can’t Wait Too Long
Ted Peters & JaBig, Ted Peters, Jabig – It Is All Over (Extended Version)
Ted Peters & JaBig, Ted Peters, Jabig – Show Me the Way (Extended Version)
Ted Peters & JaBig, Ted Peters, Jabig – Time to Party (Extended Version)
Ted Peters & JaBig, Ted Peters, Jabig – You Will Take Mine (Extended Version)
ZAD – Peace of My Heart


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