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Various Artists – Boogie Angst Edition Two [Boogie Angst]

A Band Called Success – Neighbour
E. Live – Got Me Good
Feiertag – Bunraku (feat. David Harks)
Feiertag – Love at First Sight (feat. Esther Veen)
I Gemin, Castanea – Fall in Love
Kerem Akdag – I’m Young
Kraak & Smaak – I’ll Be Loving You (feat. IVAR)
Luvless – Hush
Meeka Kates – Fault Line
Meeka Kates – No (feat. Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez)
MOODS – Comfortable (feat. HIGH HØØPS)
MOODS – Lost Translation
Patawawa – Wires
Snacks – Daydream
Snacks – Nobody Else
Vhyce – Let You Go (feat. Yves Paquet)


Published inDeep HouseNu Disco / Indie DanceElectronica

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