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Various Artists – Best of Third City 2014 [Third City Records]

Dirty Shitty Bear – When You Give It Up (Original Mix)

Isis Graham, Krystle Love B – Knee Deep (Jon Delerious Remix)

Jackin Andy – Disco Face (Original Mix)

Kris Schultz – Back In Tha Dayz (Original Mix)

Kris Schultz – Gangsta Bounce (Original Mix)

Kris Schultz – Sometimes I Feel (Original Mix)

Krystle Love B – Love Me (Matt Caine’s Deep Dub Mix)

Matt Caine – Baby Blue Eyes (Original Mix)

Matt Caine – Everybody Dance (Original Mix)

Matt Caine – One Night In Paris (Original Mix)

Mista Spliff Twista – Saturdays (Original Mix)

Pappy Mason – The City (Original Mix)

PIF – Make My Dream Reality (Original Mix)

ThaT KiD JacK – Filter Funkd (Original Mix)


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