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Various Artists – Best of 2019 [On Work]

(0x0), Charles Leiv – Plastic Dreams
Björn Linberg – That Being da House
Carlos Budd Ford – Set the Mood (Kako Soulful Mix)
Fashion Victims – Both (Kako M. & J. Ussia Mix)
Kako Martinez – Dark Space
Kako Martinez – Deep Harmony (Re-Masterized)
Kako Martinez – Disco Feeling (Paradise Garage Mix)
Kako Martinez – Love
Kako Martinez – Tonight (Leftfield House Mix)
Loleatta Brown – Christmas House (Dance with Mix)
Loleatta Brown – Give Me Jazz Groove (Re-Masterized)
Pink Coffee – My Darling (Kako Martinez Mix)
Soul to Sound – Déjà vu (Kako’s urban jazz mix)
Soul to Sound – Déjà vu
Soul to Sound – Grow Up (D&b Mix)
Soul to Sound – Primitive (Kako’s Urban Jazz Mix)
Soul to Sound – Primitive (Running Mix)


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