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Various Artists – Afro Ritual, Best Of 2 [X-Osted Records]

Afro Carrib – Berlin Style (Original Mix)
Afro Carrib – Bro (Original Mix)
Afro Carrib – Robot Monkey (Original Mix)
Afro Carrib – The Only One (Original Mix)
Afro Carrib – The Resident (Original Mix)
Afro Carrib – Ye Kri (Original Mix)
Afro K-Rib – Almost (Afro Carrib Mix)
Alan De Laniere – Akustic (Trax Machine Mix)
Alan De Laniere – Turbo Blaster (Afro Carrib Mix)
Daddy F – El Cap (Original Mix)
Daweird – Deep To Afro (Afro Carrib Mix)
Driewad – How To Become A Vegetarian (Instrumental Mix)
K-PSTR – Welcome To The Zoo (Original Mix)
Trax Machine – Loopy (Original Mix)
Trax Machine – Vin Po Té (Original Mix)
Tribalizer – The Test (Original Mix)


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