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Various Artists – ADE 2016 Official Event [Madzonegeneration Records]


Andy Ho – Gone but Not Forgotten
Dawson, Jens Krzikalla – Brother
Enea Dj, DJ Lukas Wolf – Sometimes (Night Train Mix)
Enea Dj, DJ Lukas Wolf, JCF – Sex with Myself (Bass Version)
Eugeneos – Don’t Stop
Highest Sound Levels – Danger
Kurtis Blow, Jazz Voice – Let’s Move It (Enea DJ and Lukas Wolf Remix)
Kurtis Blow, Jazz Voice – Let’s Move It (Paolo Madzone Zampetti Darkroom Dub)
MAdMan Factory, Fernando Vitale – Cuba Libre
Marco Rovere – Henne’
Mishane – Exciter
Mishane – I Gots to Say
MJ White, Jazz Voice, Maurizio Verbeni – Thank You (2016 Dub Mix)
Neo Mind, Irina Wiggle – Take Me to the Stars (Paolo Madzone Zampetti Disco Mix)
Paolo Madzone Zampetti – Code 15
Paolo Madzone Zampetti – Want to Luv (Bass Mix)
Polisynth – Woman (Paolo Madzone Zampetti Remix)
Timofey – New Era
Timofey – Regina
Tito Mazzetta – Flor Hermosa
Tokusaburo Inui – Fondness (Dark Mix)
Tokusaburo Inui – Untitled (Dark Mix)
Viktor Martini, Frame N’ Stark – Out of Darkness


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