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Various Artists – A Year in the Life [Black Riot]

Amp Fiddler – Your Love Is All I Need (Thatmanmonkz Remix)
Amp Fiddler, Dames Brown – Soul Fly Part 2 (Eli Escobar Remix)
Amp Fiddler, London House Cats Choir – 1960 What (John Mork & Andrew Monk Remix)
Buckley – Rendition (Jaegerossa Remix)
Buckley – Rendition (Severino Remix)
Daft Funk – Blind to Love
De Fantastiske To РHardtslående (Alinka Remix)
De Fantastiske To РHardtslående (Minaret Remix)
Goldboy – Clasmic’s House (Alan Dixon Remix)
Goldboy – Clasmic’s House (Balearic Sunrise Mix)
Mickey Oliver – Just a Tease (Hypnotic Lovers Remix)
Norm De Plume – Sub Tropical
Northern Souls – Interview with a Lady
Northern Souls – Set the (Acid) Tone
Northern Souls – Swazi
RobJamWeb – Heads Down at Five Am (Trueself Dub)
RobJamWeb – House Muziq
Saskin & Kellini – Jazzy Jazz
Saskin & Kellini – What She Said
UnoMas, Fritz Helder – Shari Vari (Hifi Sean Remix)


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