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Various Artists – A Summer Evening Vol. 05 [Feel The Vibe]

Various Artists - A Summer Evening Vol. 05 [Feel The Vibe]

Arthur Gary – Forget My Identity (Original Mix)
Club Sonique – All Night (Peter Wasser Mix)
Deep Massive – Closure Song (Santorini’s Sunset Mix)
Fashion Lovers – Without You (Mark Samderson Remix)
Franky Mandragora – Any Time (Deep Massive Mix)
George Dee – Feel Good (Deep Republic’s Trumpet Mix)
Johnny Divine – Deep Vibe (Gin Tonique Mix)
Justin Saruma – Music Tribe (La Phonique Deep Mix)
Magnus Mignon – Witch Doctor (Cornelius’s Dream Mix)
Marcus Goldfinger – Jazzy Intention (Deep & Jazz Gold Mix)
Rick Loveland – When You Turn Around (Original Mix)
Robert Williams – Take Your Life (Style Mix)
Santos Pasha – Deep in My Music (Ibiza @ Night Mix)
Soulnight, Soul Friends – Unconditional Beauty (Wonder Mix)
Southern Soul – Dooms Night (Original Mix)
Starwaves – Love Too Deep (Golden Gate Mix)
Steven Vax – Shake Up (Disco City Mix)
Sumasutra, Promo Diva – Be with Me (The Deep Mix)
Sun Dudes – Love Life (Open Life Mix)
The Philosopher – Senator Day (Jazz ‘n’ Ladies Mix)


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