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Various Artists – 8 Years Of Four40 [Four40 Records]

Ahadadream feat. Olivia Louise & Scrufizzer, Ahadadream, Scrufizzer, Olivia Louise, Murder He Wrote – Pray For You (Murder He Wrote Remix)
Amy G, Jade Marie, Thomas Graham – Rise (Jade Marie & Thomas Graham Remix)
Andy M feat. Amnesia & Slick Don, Andy M, Amnesia, Slick Don – Pums Huffle
Ash Turner & Jade Marie, Ash Turner, Jade Marie, Hybrid Theory – Act Stupid (Hybrid Theory Remix)
Ash Turner x Jade Marie, Ash Turner, Jade Marie – Count Down
Bakes – Everybody Wants Gyal
Bakes feat. Skinner, Bakes, Skinner – Falling
Bk2Bassix feat. Abi, Bk2Bassix, Abi – Got This Now
Clarity x Greed, Clarity, Greed – After Dark
Crypt – Enclosed
Daze Prism – Anoxia
Daze Prism – Rumba
Deadly Habitz – Chemical Love
Deadly Habitz – Garage Girls
Deadly Habitz – Set Me Free
Development – Time
DJ Darko – War Food
Earthnut – Lily’s Answerphone
Earthnut – Mayday
Enigma Dubz feat. Trilla Jermaine Triloski & Screama, Enigma Dubz, Trilla Jermaine Triloski, Screama – We Make It Work
Faded & Coppin feat. Griz-O, Faded, Coppin, Griz-O – Gully
FooR – Luv U Rite (V.I.P)
FooR – Switch
Francois & Louis Benton, Louis Benton, Francois – Vader
Frederique, Frederique Â, Â – Mainstream Gibberish
General Levy x Vital Techniques, General Levy, Vital Techniques – Give It 2 Dem
Hybrid Theory – Atomic Bomb
Hybrid Theory – Repent
Hybrid Theory & Trilla, Hybrid Theory, Trilla – V.I.P
Hybrid Theory feat. Trilla, Hybrid Theory, Trilla – Active
Hybrid Theory x Nu Era feat. Alaska MC, Hybrid Theory, Nu Era, Alaska MC – Gucci Coat
Hypho feat. MC Pean, Hypho, MC Pean – Minzu
Jamie George, Jodo Kast – Searching (Jodo Kast Remix)
Kaishi feat. Dread MC, Kaishi, Dread MC – Late Night
Kastle, Inkline – Darkside (Inkline Remix)
Kastle, Limita – 4 Real (Limita Remix)
Kilner – Brutal
Limita – Overload
Little Ant feat. Sox, Little Ant, Sox – Inside
Mistakay, Summer – Where’s This Love (Summer Remix)
MKII – Pull Up
Mofaux – Succarath
Nu Era – Already Dead
Nu Era – No God Here
On1 – Slinky
Ozwald – Guilty Twitches
Pavv – 3210
Pete Graham & Chris Lorenzo, Pete Graham, Chris Lorenzo – Who Remembers Cassettes
PVC – Warrior
Royal Flush – Thinkin
Shapes ft. Milli Major, Example, Grim Sickers & Majestic, Example, Shapes, Milli Major, Majestic, Grim Sickers – Pogo Stick Remix
Skapes & South Royston, Skapes, South Royston – Sound Of Our Soul (Golf Clap Remix)
Suck Fake, Suck Fake Â, Â – Ravin
TC4 – Savage
Tengu x Hybrid Theory, Tengu, Hybrid Theory – Slippin
Tom Akin – Slack Line
Tom Bull & Kilner, Tom Bull, Kilner – Complicated
Tom Shorterz – Boing
Tuff Culture – Forte
Tuff Culture – Goin On
Tuff Culture – Midnight Safari
Tuff Culture – SuperWoman
Tuff Culture – The One
Wes Thomas – Believe
ZeroFG – Never Think Of Me (Steppers Dub)
ZeroFG – You Or Me


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