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Various Artists – 2020 in One [Sanelow Label]

Big Thanda – Deja vu
Blac Tears – In Hell
Blac Tears – The Fox Cave
BrightKay, Nhlanzeko – Poison
Caprivian – Rebel Nation
Da Conist – Deride
Da Volta – Inception
Deepah Thoughts, Woolta Gee – 4th Dimension
Donald Sheffey – Sweetheart (Kwazi Ngema & Jason Musique Revenge Remix)
KayTeeSoul – The Insipiration
KMJ Soulz – Boy Meets Deep
Kwazi Ngema, Kaybeats – The Hunt (Themetique Remix)
Lance – What’s on Your Mind
Mashiane – Insecure
Matt Solo – Where Is She
Matt Solo, SecVee – Secrets of Nature
MKK – Promises
Mtsicology Music, Prince de Deep – Middle Aged Man
Ottis Blake – Bright Affections
Pablo Escco – Morning Star
Shungi Wa Borwa – Down Town
Tdarksoildeep – Laughter of Joy
Themetique – For You
Themetique, Ras Vadah – Ms Devine
Themetique, Vimby Nasha – My Party (Instrumental)
Toffo ZA, Shortbass – This Is Deep
Toffo ZA, Tdarksoildeep – Time Will Tell
Toffo ZA, V-Vyper, Benediction SA – Chains (JuneJamOfHouse Remix)
Wez BK – Minor Figures
Woolta Gee – Find a Way (Gee’s Tech Mix)


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