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U-Ness & JedSet feat. Lorena – Missing [SoulHeat] {promo}

release date: Jun/27/2011

U-Ness & JedSet feat. Lorena – Missing (Original)
U-Ness & JedSet feat. Lorena – Missing (Samson Lewis Remix)
U-Ness & JedSet feat. Lorena – Missing (JedSet Walking Down Your Street Again Mix)
U-Ness & JedSet feat. Lorena – Missing (Mike MD vs. Miq Puentes Remix)
U-Ness & JedSet feat. Lorena – Missing (Licious & JS Remix)
U-Ness & JedSet feat. Lorena – Missing (Robert Rivera & Nicolas Bassi Remix)
U-Ness & JedSet feat. Lorena – Missing (Soledrifter Dub)
U-Ness & JedSet feat. Lorena – Missing (Floy Spiritual Maestro Mix)
U-Ness & JedSet feat. Lorena – Missing (Badu Remix)
U-Ness & JedSet feat. Lorena – Missing (Mike MD vs. Miq Puentes Dub)
U-Ness & JedSet feat. Lorena – Missing (Floy Spiritstrumental)
U-Ness & JedSet feat. Lorena – Missing (Instrumental)
U-Ness & JedSet feat. Lorena – Missing (Radio Edit)
Ful EP
Belgium and France’s soulful dons U-Ness & JedSet are back with their ’11 cover following up the huge success of “Push The Feeling On” last year and this time Everything But The Girl’s classic “Missing” are receiving a soulheatin treatment keeping the track in a quality and housy alley avoiding the cheesy slice that covers gets usually – With label fontmans, you know what to expect in terms of covers before the song even starts; feel-good house beats, simple rhymes and uplifting soulful vibes packed in wherever possible. this time they got the talented french singer Lorena in on the act as well gets to re-sing the chorus instead in a wonderful way! At the end, with all quality mixes from soulheat familiar faces like Samson Lewis, Robert Rivera, Floy, Miq Puentes, Deemah (aka Soledrifter) and newcomers on the label like Licious, JS, Nicolas Bassi and Badu, “Missing” does have that little extra to make it an essential tune on any DJ’s bag this summer !


i like the deep and classic groove on the “samson lewis remix” MIGUEL MIGS

Samson Lewis mix is wicked! the Mike & Miq dub too. Tasty! GRANT NELSON

Nice mixes….defo feeling the samson lewis mix. CJ MACKINTOSH

Love The Pack , But definitively Play The JedSet Walking Down Your Street Again Mix – KC TAYLOR (Pacha recording // Subliminal Records)

Walking down the street remix and the Orignal, been hammering the orginal mix since you sent it over for the album. Good stuf mate-Antony Angell (Ministry of Sound VIP)

really nice DAVID DUNNE

Great reworking, I like this! Samson Lewis’s mix is my fav but they’re all great. ANDY NORMAN (HedKandi)

13 silver bullets for the dance floor, great work you guys JONNY MONTANA & CRAIG STEWART

Nice rework. I’m also feeling the Mike MD vs Miq Puentes Remix and the Soledrifter Mix is nice for the Sunday chill CARLOS SILVA

this love the samson lewis remix BOOKER T

Oh my god… they’re all good! I can’t decide which one I like best… maybe the Badu mix HELENE STROKES (DJ MAG)

Thanks. Cool pack. Soledrifter stands out for me DAVE MAYER

Loving the Badu and Samson Lewis mix nice DJ POPE

thanks bro…good release….OSCAR P

Samson Lewis & Badu Remix ! Phill Da Cunha – FG Radio Belgium

so many mixes to choose from .. samson lewis – love all the elements here .. im a sucker for a good piano song/mix
jedset – very nice for a beach setting type of dj gig
badu – i like this mix
original – my pick along with the samson lewis mix ANDREW CHIBALE (Salted)

wow this package is amazing!!!! what an array of mixes…my faves are Samson Lewis mix that is unreal and the Mike Md v Miq Puentes Dub.unbelievable….huge support from me NIALL REDMOND (Rte Pulse)

A choice remix package Youness, I really like Samson’s remix out them GRANT PATERSON (Edinburgh News)

Sounds dope! DJ MANNIX

HOT!! At first I’ll be honest I wasnt keen on the vocal, however it has grown on me. Now the remixes are here the best ones for me are the original, Samson Lewis (get more from this guy – VERY hot stuff!), and Soledrifter remix is hot too. Good work!! COLIN SALES

Nice package! My preview favourites are Original, Samson Lewis, Badu Mixes. Support of course PAD BERRYL

Another great production on SoulHeat. Full support! DJ HOT HANDS

good cover version. like both the original & Samson Lewis Remix GREG FENTON

Top promo and great version of an absolute classic! Hard to opt my favourite of the remixes as they’re all great and have their own twist; working early hours at the bar or later on in the club, so its a definate that one of these remixes will be played in my next set-evening or night! CORINNE HOULIHAN

The brothers jedset and samson lewis as always come up with the goods big time! DARREN HOLLAND

Great cover and great new treatmen for this all time classic
SoulHeat one more time do a new bomb with a well know classic
The bomb for the summer…sun, beach and this track…what else DJ BART (soulful bros)

Robert Rivera & Nicolas Bassi Remix does the original justice, Love it. – Neil Duffie – Wild Fruit

Written by Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn
Produced and mixed by Youness Raji and Eddy Joncoux. Courtesy of SoulHeat. Lyrics by Lorena Richardot
© 2011 SoulHeat Records Belgium. All rights reserved
Label Manager/Licensing :
A&R : –

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