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Telonius & Prince Albert – Last Night (Incl. Art Of Tones Mix) [Gomma Dance Tracks]
Here comes the new single of Telonius aka Jonas Imbery, one of the 2 owners of Gomma. DJ, super producer and man behind nouveau house outfit TELONIUS. ‘Last Night’ featuring the mysterious but fabulous Prince Albert incl. a great Art of Tone Remix ! A super sexy pop dance tune that reminds of the early 90ies smooth poptracks of people like Prince, Madonna or even Snap. There are a lot of rumors about this Prince Albert. The word has it that he’s a guy who already landed in the top 20 in 14 countries and peaked at #2 on the UK singles chart a couple of years ago, also earning him a Grammy nomination. You might quite know the voice of Prince Albert already? The only thing which is really sure that ‘Prince Albert’ loved the stuff of Telonius so he flew to Munich to work with him. Immediately there was the idea to create a very special track together. Here is the result: ‘Last Night’ !
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