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PM Project – Kgale (Incl. Stephen Rigmaiden & Folarin Tallman Mixes) [Soso Deep]

PM Project – Kgale (Main Mix)
PM Project Back on Soso Deep Records with a follow up to their Hit singleThis month Soso Deep is back with another barn-burner! We present to you one of our faves out of South Africa; PM Project.

They bring to us something new and fresh, with a follow-up to their first Single Bosiu Kaofela …..Hot off the presses we give you Kgale

‘Kgale’ is a traditional song which tells an ancient story about the great warriors who lived in a small village in a country called Lesotho. These warriors defeated their enemies with the help of their Ancestors. The warriors were very poor and had families to feed. People from neighboring villages made them slaves and they treated them terribly, but the warriors kept pushing for the sake of their families and for the sake of living a decent life. The Ancestors one day caused a great storm, which killed everyone living in the village except the warriors and their families. In the end, the warriors lived happily ever after, singing thanks and praise to their ancestors for being on their side all along…

The reason we chose the theme is because we also had our ups and downs, but here we are!! – Winston Viller (PM Project)

******Early Feedback*******

All the package is good, I really love Kgale(PM_South_Dub), for me that is an Ancestral track…..Well done! ~ Fabrizio Ortella (Deeply Rooted)

Straight heat! ~ Jamie Thinnes (Seasons Recordings)

Wow! This is dope ~ Atjazz (UK, Atjazz)

‘Rigmaiden Tek’ and ‘PM_South_Dub’ mixes of Kgale are Heat! Looking forward to more music and progression from SoSoDeep! ~ Adam Gibbons (Uhuru Afrika : Boston)

Good consistency for SoSoDeep! ~ Fabio Genito (Vega)

Thanks for the promos, Feeling all the mixes. Support. ~ Jon Cutler (Distant Music)

Lovin the Kgale SA mix. Nice & Deep for my sets. Will be bangin this one for sure. ~ Jihad Muhammad (Movement Soul)

Main & PM South Dub:
Produced by :P.M Project
Produced @ :BacRoom Studio
performed & Written by Winston Viller
Mastered @ Soso Deep Studios

SA Mix & Tek mix:
Produced by: Stephen Rigmaiden
Mixed & Mastered @ Soso Deep Studios, Ca

Folarin Tallman mix:
Produced by: Folarin Tallman
Mastered @ Soso Deep Studios

Stephen E Rigmaiden

For All licsensing Inquiries contact :

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