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Mona Bode – My First Love (Incl. mixes by Foremost Poets,Trevor Fox & Michael Terzian) [Cyberjamz] {promo}

release date: May/20/2011


Cyberjamzs & Mona Bode return with the long awaited Re-Release of the hot

Cyberjamzs & Mona Bode return with the long awaited Re-Release of the hot “My First Love” with fantastic mixes by Johnny Dangerous,Trevor Fox & Michael Terzian.Get your dancefloor ready for this slammin re-release !

Mona Bode in her own words.

Hot spoken word track by new recording artist Mona Bode that will move every body and soul on any dancefloor!Johnny Dangerous offers his talent in this hot release.

Cyberjamz Records would like to welcome and introduce New Recording Artist Mona Bode to our label,her first release “My first Love” with mixes by the legendary Trevor Fox, and & OSH,are just outstanding with spoken word lyrics in reference to Housemusic & Musical Culture in general.

Growing up in the south bronx, my family always kept the radio station on WBLS FM listening to Frankie Crocker every afternoon during the era of the Funhouse and Bond International. listening to tracks like “LOVE IS THE MESSAGE”, “RUNAWAY” AND “DR. LOVE”. I remember the first time I heard “DO U LOVE ME” BY LIL LOUIS. OOOWWEEE I couldnt wait to hit the clubs. The music always made me feel like I could just be me, Free with no worries. Just me and the music.

Ive always written and loved spoken word. My favorite poet is Nikki Giovanni . She inspired me to write and because of my love of housemusic I decided to write A piece about my love of housemusic and put that poem to a soulful house beat, and called it “MY FIRST LOVE”. Now when you hear this track at first you think its about a guy but by the end of the track you know exactly what im talking about. A true head can understand what im saying. There’s a line in the track that goes “And think I might be happier over there (hip hop) and for a while maybe, but you, you have a way of making me desire you all over again” what a line, and that’s so true. Time and again I always went back and forth from house to hip hop to r&b and to even jazz but I always went back to what I love, where I was comfortable, listening to house music. For me its always about the music, cause housemusic is always on my mind.

All lyrics by Mona Bode for Man Machine Productions Publishing 2011 (BMI)

Background Vocals by Johnny Dangerous aka Foremost Poets for Man Machine Productions Publishing 2011 (BMI)

Foremost Poets and Mental Mix by Johnny Dangerous for Man Machine Productions Publishing 2011(BMI)

Music Composed,Produced by Johnny Dangerous aka Foremost Poets for assistance,bookings and info contact Johnny Dangerous

Trevor Fox: Engineer & Composer “MY FIRST LOVE” Trevor Fox’s Johnny B Good Remix for Man Machine Productions Publishing 2011 (BMI)
production assistance,booking and info conatact Trevor Fox

Spiritual Heights Interpretation is and edit-remix by Michael Terzain for Man Machine Productions Publishing 2011 (BMI)

Engineerd by Johnny Dangerous,Trevor Fox and Anthony Rier.

A & R Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis for Coyote Entertainment Publishing ASACP (p) & © 2011 (ASCAP)

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