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Mariella – Lovesick (Mark De Clive-lowe Remixes) [Tru Statement Entertainment] {promo}

release date: Apr/26/2011


New York based, soulful vocalist Mariella holds a distinctive lyrical lash; it’s raspy and softly defined. Her style guise is one that exudes confidence and the two together are ripe to burst onto the club scene, with her sassy debut single ‘Lovesick’ taken from the forthcoming Mariella EP, to be released through US indie label Tru Statement Entertainment, late March 2011. Co written and produced by the New York crew Rogue Pop – their name rather befits parts of the original score. ‘Lovesick’ is alive with rampant bass and moody moog inserts by Lex Sadler, coasting guitar licks neatly slotted in by Nic Coolidge, while a bed of beefy beats from D-sig gives a nod to an elemental rhythm in house music, along with Vickie Natale’s lithe soulful-like backing vocals which enhance the live feel of this delicate song – perfect for outdoor festivals. Crafty swinging, hip house this isn’t, and nor is it merely another self indulgent piece of high flyer pop music. With some of those aforementioned genres in mind, they do assist to carry off the production. The trendy club kid who also favours their R & B with an edgier tack and punch will quickly be drawn to the original radio-friendly version – destined to be a huge hit on the airwaves.

Flexing things on an alternate sound signature is man of the moment Mark de Clive Lowe. His gorgeous remix injects some synth keys, reminiscent of the nineties sound of Detroit techno which has been emulated by many. Indeed, a worthwhile display, it sits on top of plucky guitar and sombre percussion which shines eloquently more so on the Instrumental version. Offering an experimental boost in Dubstep, DJ/producer Crisis Kid cleverly reverses Mariella’s vocals and then weaves it amongst grating saw tooth synths that line up with a percolating dubby rhythm to follow the teasing built up intro. Bound for DJs set where the more grimy the sound the more this’ll have heads tilting in awe on dance floors. ‘Lovesick’ is released on Tru Statement Entertainment records, and will for a limited time be available digitally from 28th March 2011 on


Just some of the positive feedback
• King Britt (FiveSix Media, US) – Instantly in my box….MdCl brings a nice techy edge to the vibe…beautiful!

• Phil Asher (Restless Soul / Push/FM, UK) – Love The Song. MdCL for me though; deep, effortless style that leaves you short of breath, it’s LA meets Europe Meets MaShi.

• Lars Behrenroth (Deeper Shades of House radio, LA) – The MdCL mix is really nice… Will get it on one of the next shows! … Solid house music.

• DJ Raymundo Rodriguez (Jaded, UK) – It’s all about the McDL instrumental mix for me, lovely vibes.

• Will Sumsuch (Urban Torque / Etoka Records, UK) – Solid package with a strong vocal- I like it. Mark de Clive Lowe remix and instrumental are the versions for me. Thanks for sending.
• Ralf Gum (GoGo Music, Germany) – Many thanks for the promo! The MDCL mix is quite nice and fits well in my sets.

• Mark (Soul Buggin’ DJ/Promoter, UK) – I’ll play the MdCL mix this… at Soul Buggin’. Keep up the good work.

• DJ Cooly G (HyperDub, UK) – Tracks are fine. Dubstep version dub is good

• SD (Soul To Unite radio/SS radio Estonia) – Really feeling the original and MdCL remixes. Top marks for the track, will feature on Soul to Unite Radio Hour for sure.

• Sy Sez (Colourful/Soul Heaven/AphroDisiax, UK) – What an amazing track! MDCL mix is on point as ever but the original LOVESICK mix just pips it for me! Got my full support on my weekly show on Colourful Radio.

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