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Kristine W – Battle Of The Remixers Round 2: Land Of The Living (Incl. Kevin Saunderson, Timothy Allan & Deep Dish Mixes) [Champion]
Continuing ourContinuing our series of “never before remixed and re-released” tunes, we turn our attention to the much overlooked “Land Of The Living” from Kristine W. We’ve got some heavyweight muscle behind this one too!

With an absolutely immense vocal performance from Kristine W, her classic jazz-infused “Land Of The Living” was probably made most famous by the fantastic reworking by Deep Dish back in 1996. We felt it only right to give it a fresh spin, and called in some huge talent, one from back in the day, and another from the current wave of hugely talented producers coming up through the ranks on 2011.

First up we have a man that needs no introduction. Kevin Saunderson is the man behind so truly amazing projects and tunes, from the out and out pop dance of Inner City, to the underground depths of Detroit techno anthems such as “Triangle Of Love” alongside Juan Atkins. Kevin’s reworking of Land Of The Living focuses around some driving kicks, pulsing synths and a deep electronic bassline, whilse vocal stabs and ad-libs soar over the top of it all to great effect.

Going head-to-head with this legendary name is someone that’s no stranger to remixing a classic. Timothy Allan has recently remixed The Shrink’s “Nervous Breakdown”, as well as work with Kirsty Hawkshaw and Loverush UK, not forgetting our very own “Be My Baby” by Haggstrom, back in late 2010. Tim takes things down a much more progressive big-room house route, retaining a fully intact vocal (although a dub is also included) and sounding more like what Faithless would be doing in 2011, than Faithless themselves. This is a huge remix not to be missed!

Also included in this bundle is the previously unreleased full length Deep Dish “Land Of The Lost Vocal” mix, which is a journey indeed weighing in at over 13 minutes long. It’s a true summer anthem and has not been released digitally before. It’s a great opportunity to snap it up!

DJ Support so far:

Hoxton Whores: ‘Thanks will be spanking the granny out of this!’ – 5/5
Freemasons: ‘Liking both mixes ,but think i would just about get away with the TA MIX in my sets’
DJ EZ: ‘Cool!!’ – 4/5
Stonebridge: ‘Oh yeah, that is NICE! Both mixes great’
Aaron Ross: ‘DOPE!’ – 5/5
Jesse Voorn: ‘Timothy Allan remix sounds cool’
Franck Roger: ‘Kevin’s Dub for me thanks!’
Victor Simonelli: ‘Kevin Saunderson mix, thanks.’
Jay Tripwire: ‘Great remix by Kevin,will play for sure.’ – 4/5

Written & Composed by Rob D, Rollo & Kristine W
Produced by Rollo & Rob D
Tracks 1 & 2 Remix & Additional Production by Kevin Saunderson
Tracks 3 & 4 Remix & Additional Production by Timothy Allan
Track 5 Remix & Additional Production by Dubfire & Sharam for Deep Dish Productions
(P) Champion Records Ltd 2011
(C) Champion Records Ltd 2011

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