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Julius Papp & Mr V Pres. Chicago Tribute [Transport] {promo}

release date: May/03/2011

Remix by DJ MFR, Vincent Kwok & Haldo

San Francisco’s Transport Recordings is proud to present its 45th release courtesy of a pair of acclaimed house music mainstays: Julius Papp and Mr. V present “Chicago Tribute.” With this track these two have created a loving tribute to the city and scene of Chicago. It’s a vibrant release with an old school house music feeling mixed with modern beats and synth chords. The unique voice of Mr. V lifts the single higher still as he intones, “That sound … the feeling we had.” It’s an undeniable treat for DJs and dancefloors alike.

Six versions of “Chicago Tribute” are present including Julius Papp’s Jazz Variation and Deep Variation and Mr. V’s own East Coast Cruise take. In addition to the song’s creators there are remixes by Transport Recordings’ regular players Vincent Kwok, DJ MFR, and Haldo. There’s a version here fitting whichever mood, style, or era of deep house that you might be after. It’s another fine package and a lovely “Chicago Tribute” from Transport Recordings.

Produced & Arranged by Julius Papp
Written by: J. Papp, V. Font, K. Jason, E. Smith
Keys: Vincent Kwok, Bill Williams
Trumpet: Rich Armstrong
Engineered by Vincent Kwok
Remixed by DJ MFR, Vincent Kwok & Haldo
Special thanks to Mr. V, Marco, Vincent, Haldo, Rich & Bill.

Produced by Mr. V for SOLE Channel Music, LLC.
Drum Programming by Mr. V
Bass & Keyboards by William Reelsoul Rodriguez
Mixed by Mr. V @ SOLE channel Studios NYC.
Special thanks to Julius and Nacho Vega from Soul Selection Music, SF

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