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Immoral Music – 8 Years Anniversary [Immoral Music]

Acizzy – Indoor Time (Original Mix)
Bearman – Soulman (Original Mix)
Chamber Bot – Living Intangible (Original Mix)
Dan Louis – Memories (Original Mix)
Dark Truth – Shake That (Original Mix)
David Ricardo – Get Together (Original Mix)
Friday – Just Can’t Hold (Original Mix)
Hard KnoX – Get Mugged (Original Mix)
Havayano Drizzy – Boat Land (Original Mix)
Hide&Seek – Love Not War (Original Mix)
Hypho – Social Badman (Original Mix)
Jay Colyer, Lenz – Hit The Floor (Original Mix)
Kid Bass – Night Club (Original Mix)
Kona – Hypnotize (Original Mix)
Kris Jay – Break Your Heart (Original Mix)
LeBonVie – Feel Inside (Original Mix)
MalcoHol – Don’t Know (Original Mix)
Matt Thomas – Loving Me (Original Mix)
Mike Markovitz – Sovereign (Original Mix)
Monodisco – Subcity (Original Mix)
MT – Hoya (Original Mix)
PeKa – Pump In 99 (Original Mix)
Scott Restell – Forget The Girl (Original Mix)
Sirmo – Don’t Know Me (Original Mix)
Steve Brooke – Nu Wave (Original Mix)
The Funk Out – The King Retires (Original Mix)
Toni Morreti – Been Expecting You (Original Mix)
Vedra – Polygram (Original Mix)
Waxcraft – For The Love (Original Mix)
Whatz – Stampese (Original Mix)


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