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Fabio Genito – Universal Language EP [Vega Records]

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“Music is the only UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE that does not need translation because it goes straight to your heart and soul, through your senses. It touches you without touching you, through the LOVE, just like the Sun and his silent voice….you don’t need to see it but u can feel it….
Expand your vital status to the “Mediterranean deep” hypnotic sacred elements of “Voice of the Sun” and refresh your soul with the sweet deep melodies and tribal rhythms of “Unity”, spreading the love message spoken by Kaye-Ree..”
Special thanks : To my family for being so supportive during all my life, love ya! To Louie Vega for embracing my vision and for the chance to speak my mind from the very start. To Kaye-Ree for being so inspiring, to my musical partner DJ Pippi & everybody at Sirocco in Ibiza for the amazing vibe. To everybody at Vega Records, MAW & NuLu Music, and to all my friends & listeners all over the world for the love and support. Keep spreading the real message! Love, Peace and Unity. Fabio
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