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Dogo Argentino – Diskonautik [Timewarp]

Dogo Argentino is one of the best bands coming from Croatia! Though the term band is very small to determine this grand collectiva of people that are expressing themselves under the same alias. Dogo disco noise-makers have become a place where a colorful group of eleven create dance music based on highly rated bpms! 

Needless to say we are very proud to present their first album ‘Diskonautik’, which will be released worldwide on May 11! We can absolutely guarantee that it is impossible to listen to this album sitting on your couch! ‘Diskonautik’ is a powerful disco-funk album. All tracks are signed by the phenomenon of catchy frenzy called Dogo Argentino who still have in mind dancing and smiling! Nemanja with his drumsticks makes every beat perfect; Balatz on the percussions and Zwomba on the bass – the unavoidable section of crazy rhythm and fast beat; Danchee – a magician of piercing trumpet sound and cheerful melodies; Frco – a hazard of trombone; Bradavrbn – provocative guitar intrusions; Adrey, Zmaya and Layla – charmingly playful vocals singing catchy lines; Mc Feele – the gray eminence of light notes, the ruler of dance floors and a good soul; and finally Moreno – flying fingers keyboard. Rest of the dogz are: Dj Umbo, Cove, ElectroCoa, Jela the Discobee, Sorin, dj Pips, de Iva de Maria de This de That.

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