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DJ Oji – Everything U Want Feat. Carolyn Victorian [Nite Grooves]

release date: Feb/15/2011

DJ Oji – Everything U Want Feat. Carolyn Victorian (Unreleased Sax Mix)

One of Baltimore’s champions of rhythm and soul, DJ Oji, comes forth with a truly cool EP !!


Nice mix. Glad it got released
-Hippie Torrales

inst mix is the one for me, a deep journey. full support
-Franco De Mulero

Nice tracks. Will work them
-John Mateo (

Nice! Love the vibe on Everythig U Want.
-Sean McCabe

I Love “Everything U Want”…FIRST CLASS!!!
-Angelo Posito

Great stuff from Oji! Gonna be swinging to these! Full support!
-Groove Assassin

I got these I believe, sometimes it’s hard to keep track until you’ve last spun it recently, but listening I already know I got this in some form, like 2 years ago re “Everything You Want”. Brilliant crack!
-Marlon ‘dj pelau’ Regis (

Wathc Dem Swing is kind of OK, but for me this is too repetetive and long for it’s compsition. would make a shorter edit for that.
-Bogdan Taran (

Like Unreleased Sax Mix
-Andrew Friend

Always like me beats smoothy silk and vocal soulful, and this fits the bill exactly!
-Clemy Rilley

-Michael Stukes

Love the groove on “Everything You Want”.
-Happy Mann (Cookie Monsterz)

Loving the groove and Sax on this one!
-Chris Samba

The original of WATCH DEM SWING is TRULY one of my top tracks of 2010. Every time I’d play it out or on my radio show, I’d get someone asking about it. TOPS!
-cRAIG mITCHELL (Slanted Black/NY Love/Magnetik/Groovin’)

oji missed your riddems bro love this
-craig bartlett

quality oji stuff as usual.
-Henri Kohn (Clubstar)

Heavyweight tracks!
-Michael Black (Power FM/Bodytonic Dublin)

love the feverish voodoo like watch dem swing and the fresh deepness of everything u want both, respect to dj oji
-Christian Zingales

Good tingz!
-Grant Nelson

I will go for “Everything U Want”
-Theo Souldeep

orig mix all the way

its a hot one!
-Phil Hooton (Rapture Trax)

Lovin’ that unreleased soulful mix of “Everything U want” which is the choice for for those laidback moments, not to forget that hypnotic afro stomper “Watch dem swing”…
-Mike Fossati (Spirit of House)

Nice tunes from DJ Oji, definitely in our sets.
-Tony Humphries / Jacko (Tony Records)

Will need to give this a few more listens i think. Everything you want is more for me for now.
-Nick Power

Great track that is going to rock my floor!!!!
-David Harness

nice vibes.. will rock it 4 sure.
-Parrish Wintersmith (‘Music & Maneuvers’ in

One of Baltimore’s champions of rhythm and soul, DJ Oji, comes forth with a truly cool EP that’s gonna make some serious head noddin’ waves. Best known for his massive gospel house classic, “We Lift Our Hand in the Sanctuary”, Oji’s released a number of quality tunes since then on King St and other labels. The Watch Dem Swing EP is comprised of 44tunes, with different versions and edits, ranging from the smooth and soulful “Everything U Want” (Unreleased Sax Mix) by DJ Oji & singer Carolyn Victorian to the more psychic & house heady wood clav heavy “Non-Believers” (Unreleased Inst Oji’s Edit1) by DJ Oji feat. Esteban & Tettris to the full on Deeper than Deep Afro-Cuban House tribalique masterpiece, that’s sure to be heard at the Shelter, Body & SOUL, Roots at Cielo, 718 Sessions, and pretty much anywhere they play incredible rhythms. Do NOT sleep on th is one.


“Watch Dem Swing” / Original Man
Written & Produced by DJ Oji.
Strong Black Man Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

“Everything U Want” / DJ Oji & Carolyn Victorian
Lyrics Written by DJ Oji and Carolyn Victorian.
Produced by DJ Buzzard and DJ Oji.
Vocals by Carolyn Victorian and DJ Oji.
Guitar by Paul Silverman, Bass by Lyle Hein.
Recorded at Buzzard’s Lair Studios-Balto, MD.
King Grooves (ASCAP) / Strong Blackman Music (ASCAP) / IANPB Music (ASCAP)

“Non-Believers” / DJ Oji feat. Esteban & Tettris
Written and produced by DJ Oji.
Lyrics written and performed by Esteban.
Percussion by David Greenwood aka Esteban & DJ Oji.
Sax by Benjamin Tettris.
Strong Blackman Music(ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

Mastered by Greg Vaughn for The Spot Mastering, Brooklyn.

P&C 2010 Nite Grooves

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