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Dave Fortnum – My Eyes Are Closed EP [Kula Records]
Gavyn Mytchel (Ministry of Sound) – “Quality music, full support on my radio show and warm up sets at ministry of sound 9/10”
Paul Deighton (Ministry of Sound) – “Very good EP”
Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City) – “First track for me!”
Edground (Brazilian Soul Crew) – “Very Nice Release, i will play”
Sergio Fernandez (Insert Coin Records) – “Full support!”
Luciano (Cadenza) – “Thanks for the music!”
Clare Large (Intelligent Audio) – “Loving the first 3 tracks, will play when i can!”
Roddy (Hertzmusic) – “Thy Friend’ does it for me!”
Jonas Snauffer (Digitalize) – “Dis dis down is my fav, will play!”
Noah Pred (Thoughtless music) – “Originals for me, thanks!”
Phillip Straub (PS Records) – “2nd track rocks! Full Support!”
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